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First usage

Start the always-running controlcenter

This starts a Docker stack with following roles:

  • traefik: reverse proxy that reroutes traffic to the correct container and takes care of SSL certificates
  • ssh_agent: container that is used as proxy for your ssh keys, so they have to be added only once
  • dns: dnsmasq container that is used as local DNS resolver for the specified tld and project prefix

see the command info for useful flags.

launchpad controlcenter start

Add the root_ca to your local certificate store

To be able to use ssl certificates, a valid root certificate is needed.
This command will create and add the CA certificate to your system.

launchpad controlcenter install_ca

Download docker-compose v1

To be able to use Launchpad, you need docker-compose v1.
Since Docker for Mac > 4.22.1, it's not included anymore by default, as it's unsupported.
This command will download the binary and ensure it's usable.

launchpad controlcenter download_compose_v1

Enable the needed / wanted sync strategies

see sync strategies for the installation instructions.


Without any configured sync strategy, you won't be able to start project.
The needed strategies depend on your OS and the sync decision in your projects

Load your local ssh key(s) into the ssh_agent container

This should ask your passphrase (if not, add one!)
The path has to be absolute, otherwise the key can't be loaded.

launchpad controlcenter add_ssh_key ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Add the aliases to your shell environment

To have automatic aliases in your shell for current en future commands of launchpad, add the following at the end of your shell config file (~/.bashrc, ~/.zshrc, ~/.profile, ...)

source /dev/stdin <<<"$(launchpad aliases)"

Restart your shell or open a new window, and see of the next commands work:

dlpc status

Default available aliases

  • dlp -> launchpad
  • dlpp -> launchpad project
  • dlpc -> launchpad controlcenter