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Requirements on Linux

System requirements

A relative new OS (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 - 21.10, Debian 10 - 11)

Software requirements


Install the latest stable Docker CE through your favorite package manager.

no release for Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 has no release for Docker CE so you need to apply a manual fix.
See the Github issue

ensure user is in docker group

Ensure your user is part of the docker group, so you can run docker commands as your own user.
see Docker documentation.
Don't forget step 3 in the explanation!
If logging out and in doesn't work, restart your commputer.


Install at least Docker compose 1.27.0 through your favorite package manager or download it manually.
If downloaded manually, be sure to check the remark below the example command!

Docker Compose 2 is not confirmed to be working with Launchpad on Linux

Docker Compose 2 was not tested yet (and doens't work with Launchpad on MacOS yet), so it's not recommended to update to this version.