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Installation on MacOS

System requirements

  • You need at least MacOS 10.15.7.
    • Launchpad is tested on MacOS Catalina (10.15) / Big Sur (11) / Monterey (12)
  • 4 GB RAM allocatable to Docker
  • at least 10 GB disk space on SSD allocatable for Docker

Software requirements

docker desktop

minimal docker version

The minimum required version is Docker Desktop on Mac 4.5.0.
Previous versions have serious performance penalties or are incompatible.

  • Download the latest stable Docker Desktop for Mac release and install it.
    • There are 2 variants:
      • Intel chip ( = amd64)
      • Apple chip ( = arm64)
  • Do NOT create an account or log in to Docker if you don't need it for another tool.
    Launchpad doesn't need it, and it has no benefit creating one.

Rosetta 2

Launchpad still depends on docker-compose v1 (see below), which only works with Rosetta (tooling to run amd64 applications on arm64 hardware)

Install Rosetta with following command

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Required configuration

  • Ensure Docker Compose V2 support is disabled
    Docker for Mac - docker compose
  • Ensure VirtioFS accelerated directory sharing is disabled
    Docker for Mac - VirtioFS