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Base image

Launchpad uses the memcached:alpine image for memcached itself.
For PHPMemcachedAdmin (a memcached UI) a custom image is used.


Memcached support can be enabled by passing the --memcached service flag when starting up a project.

Services and service settings can also be specified in a .dlp.yml file.
See project configuration for more info.


You can access the PHPMemcachedAdmin UI via https://pmca.<project>.docker.localhost:444/


By default Launchpad provides the necessery config and environment variables to work out of the box.
The default allowed memory is 128MB, which should be enough for local develoment.

Setting the memory

There is currently no flag to specify the memory size.
So setting the memory has to be done by overriding the command of the memcached service in the docker-compose configuration files.

    command: memcached -m [MEMORY_SIZE]

General documentation on how to override Docker services in Launchpad, can be found here.